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“I live my daydreams in music.”

-Albert Einstein


Einstein once said that "life without playing music is inconceivable for me." Many of us would add that life without listening to music is even harder to imagine. In a world that seems increasingly hectic and stressful, restful music can help calm our inner anxieties and fears, recharge our batteries and redirect our energies to fully pursue our dreams. In a career spanning three decades, I have been privileged to provide healing piano music to tens of thousands of people all over the world in my capacities as music therapist, teacher and touring musician.

People often turn to music to help them find peace in their daily lives. Family, faith and a sense of doing meaningful work are all important but music is often the solace that people seek when something goes wrong in their family life, when they struggle with their faith or when they get discouraged at work. Music provides medicine. Music soothes frayed nerves. Music is always there for us when something important has been lost.

As you explore the website, I hope that you discover something in a song or an album that helps you navigate your day. If something has been lost in your life, I hope that you find a little bit of light in my music that helps you begin to recover joy, self-compassion and the strength and inspiration to pursue your most cherished dreams.


(For those interested in streaming my music, there are links below to my home pages on Spotify and Apple Music. My original piano music can be found on these sites under "Bradley Kirkpatrick", my piano hymns can be found under the artist name "Sunday Morning Piano Hymns" and my Christmas music can be found under the artist name "The Peaceful Christmas Piano".)