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THE PERFECT AFTERNOON: Bradley wrote this song in Paris, France on a piano he played on while he was living with his host family in college. The song was about a perfect afternoon in Paris, France. Bradley donated a keyboard to the American Church of Paris for the Children’s Choir. HOW SWEET IT IS: Franchesa and Bradley wrote this song together. Franchesa thought it sounded like "how sweet it is to see your smile." When you travel you miss your dear friends and think how sweet it will be to see them again. KEFALONIA: This song was inspired by an island of butterflies in Greece. YOUR SMILE: When people smile you can see a beautiful glow. No matter where you go people will remember your smile. A NEW BEGINNING: Believe, no matter how old you are or what ever you have done, that you can start a new beginning. Forgiveness and rebirth can be a part of your new beginning. Stay positive and make a fresh start today. SWEET GOODNIGHT: When you go to bed, think positive thoughts and have a sweet good night of dreams. Turn down the covers, get a goodnight kiss and tell the ones you love how much you love them. COCOON OF DREAMS: A caterpillar wraps itself into a cocoon and becomes a butterfly. Inside the cocoon the butterfly dreams of the changes that will give it wings for flight. When you face a hard challenge and need to change your life, dream of how strong you will be and where your new wings can take you. INTO THE WORLD: Make a wish, tell a story, paint a picture or sing a song for all the world to hear. Go into the world with happiness and cheer from inside your heart. KARMA: This song was named after a friend that is from Tibet. He helps support a group of refugees in India from Tibet. Believe in Karma! GHOST: A ghost butterfly is white and beautiful flying through the sunlight. This song gives melody to the dance of a ghost butterfly. LAND OF PROMISE: The Land of Promise is what we want to give to our children and grandchildren. Make an earth beautiful and safe from wars and environmental destruction. A MOTHER'S BLESSING: A song for Yvonne Guinn. She said, “Being a mother to my three sons was life’s biggest blessing.” She listened to this song during her final battle with cancer. To all the mothers out there: may the blessing of being a mother also fill your heart with a smile. ONCE UPON A MOONLIGHT KISS: Dream of the most beautiful moonlit nights and the one you love beside you giving you a magical kiss. Feel the butterflies in your tummy. PLACE OF REFUGE: If you are lost or troubled, find a place of refuge deep within your heart and remember that troubles will pass and the light will get brighter and you will find your way again. BUTTERFLY (WINGS OF LIGHT): The title track of the album, Butterfly (Wings of Light) paints a picture in music of a thousand butterflies flying in the sunlight. See the sun reflected in their wings. Make a wish and it will come true. LIFE WITH YOU: Written for Franchesa, Life With You is about the importance of spending time with the ones you love. Each day is precious. Make every hour count.


Blue Dreaming


THE PIER AT DAWN: Look out across the ocean at dawn then close your eyes and breathe in... OCEAN'S DREAM: Listen to the song of the ocean. Even the ocean dreams... COLORS OF THE PAST: Open your memory and let it scroll back through the colors of the past. FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND: Bradley wrote this song with the well known poem of the same name in mind. Franchesa's grandmother has a copy of this poem hanging on the wall in her home. HEART OF CALIFORNIA: A tribute to a great state (and a state of mind). California is close to Bradley and Franchesa's hearts. We have made such wonderful memories there. REDWOOD COAST: If you have ever driven the Redwood Highway along the Coast and through the great groves of these incredible trees, this is a song for you. CHARLOTTE'S GRACE: Franchesa and Bradley cowrote this song for a good friend of theirs named Charlotte Singleton. Her personality comes alive in this song. LAZY RIVER: Keeping with the water theme of Blue Dreaming, this song captures the spirit of a slow moving river in song. BARBARO'S JOURNEY: This song was inspired by the horse Barbaro. A mixture of grace and sadness, Barbaro's Journey was sent to the horse's owners and they sent Bradley back a nice thank you card with a note saying they would treasure this memorial to Barbaro in music. DOLPHIN DANCE: Inspired by the beauty of dolphins dancing in the ocean water together in the sunlight. We love dolphins. SAILING INTO THE SUNSET: Written on cruiseship in the Caribbean during one of our peaceful rest times in between concert schedules. WORLD OF WONDER: Bradley wrote this song for the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Some of his friends stayed with us in Nashville and brought back copies of the CD to family members in Australia. TAKING FLIGHT: Cowritten by Franchesa. Let your spirit soar high into the sky... BLUE DREAMING: The title track of the album, inspired by water and California. TO THE SEA: All rivers flow to the sea...


LOVE IS FOREVER: When love is true it is never ending. RISING STAR: Franchesa helped Bradley with the melody on this one. Inspired by the beauty of the stars in the night sky. LITTLE ONE: A song inspired by the dream for joy in a samll child's eyes. RESTING ON A CLOUD: Find a peace as comfortable as if you were floating on a cloud. GABRIEL'S PRAYER: In memory of Max Vague. LOST AND FOUND: Finding your way through life is not alway easy. Sometimes we go many months or years on a wrong path before finding a right path again. KATIE'S HEART: Franchesa wrote a poem for a little girl in Texas who was born with a hole in her heart. She used music from some of Bradley's earlier CDs during the many surgeries that she had to go through. She came through all of it well and is doing just great now. LETTING GO: When someone does something bad to you it is always good, although difficult, to show forgiveness and let go. Holding on to bad feelings can keep you depressed. Letting go of bad feelings can be liberating. TARYN'S WISH: Written for Franchesa's cousin Taryn, who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis. Her wish is for a cure before all of her CF friends are gone. THINKING OF YOU: Inspired by the many dear friends we make on our journey through life. THE RAIN IN DAVIES' HOLLOW: In memory of our friend, Jack HUnter Davies, who died suddenly of a staff infection at a very young age. He was a great Celtic singer and songwriter and a good friend. AFTER THE RAIN HAS COME AND GONE: This song is dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. TEARS FOR THE LOST: Another song dedicated to the memory of Hurricane Katrina victims and to the memories of all of those who we have loved and lost. Franchesa helped with the melody on this one. RAINBOW: When times are tough, always remember that there is rainbow after the rain. WAVING GOODBYE: A song for the victims of the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia.


A Walk In Peace

DESERT SUNSET: Look out across the sand and red rocks as the sun sets in the sky and discover all of the beautiful color changes form daylight til dusk. SOLITUDE: A song reminding us of the importance of taking time for ourselves to reflect, pray, hope, rest, recharge... SIMPLICITY: Enjoy life's simple moments in this ever changing, unpredictable world. MEDITATION: Breathe in, breath out... CANDLE FLAME: Inspiration can be a candle flame, casting a light in the darkness and providing direction and hope. EPIPHANY: Life's epiphanies, sudden realizations, often make us rethink things and point us in new directions. BACK TO MY CHILDHOOD: This song is based on a poem written by Franchesa of the joys of childhood. COMMUNION: Inspired by the idea of coming together in a celebration of harmony. Many cultures, one world. BREAKTHROUGH: Finding an answer to a problem and becoming at peace with your decision can be liberating. CLARITY: Vision, insight and clear intention are important in any action we take in life. DANCE: A song written for Floyd and Mary Cramer. (Mary Cramer was at our wedding and is a family friend.) CONTENTMENT: Search your soul and find the right life for you. Be content deep within yourself and you will find happiness. HAPPILY EVER AFTER: A song written before Bradley and Franchesa's wedding. You can live happily ever after if you choose to do so. A WALK IN PEACE: This song was named by a little girl at a church picnic after hearing Bradley play an early version of the song. May you find peace on your walk through this life. THE FAR SHORE: Dream about the journey you want to go on to reach the far shore no matter where life takes you.


The Roads We Travel Home (Homecoming)

REUNION: A song inspired by that happy day when you see someone again after a long separation. THE ROADS WE TRAVEL HOME: You can go home again. The roads we find our way back along are many and winding, sometimes. When we are true to what is in our deepest heart, we find our way back home. MORNING ON THE LAKE: To wake up next to a lake with the sun shining on the water... THE PRODIGAL SON: A song written with the hope that no one's talent will ever be wasted. THE OLD HOME PLACE: We all have our own personal histories. There are places that hold deep meaning for each of us. CROSSING THE SANDS: Sometimes we have to wander far and wide to find what we are looking for. This song is for all of those deep explorers... physical, emotional and spiritual. MISSOULA: A song inspired by Bradley's remembrance of Missoula, Montana. PROMISE ME FOREVER: A promise of love before wedding day. ALWAYS BESIDE YOU: Knowing that someone will always be there, no matter what, is one meaning of love. FAIRYTALE: A song inspired by the magic of a love-happily-ever-after tale... and never ending... SNOW IN SEATTLE: Bradley came up with this idea while watching a light Spring rain turn magically into a light Spring snow, sitting out on his sister's porch, near Seattle, Washington. COLUMBIA: A song for the brave men and women who lost their lives when the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart on reentry high above the earth. TRAVELING WITH THE TIDES: Bradley wrote this song for his mother. SOLACE: SOng inspired by finding peace through music or art during difficult times. HOMECOMING: A time and place for coming together in celebration. THE GIVING TREE: A song written for the adoption agency Miriam's Promise and first performed in public at one of their Birthmother's Day celebrations. This song is about giving up something beautiful, unselfishly, so that another may be happy and have a better life.


Invitation to Voyage

COSMOS: Improvisation about the universe, the stars dancing in the night sky. BLUE RIDGE: A song inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beauty of the area along the Blue Ridge Parkway. CUMBERLAND GAP: Driving through the Cumberland Gap Bradley came up with the idea for this song. HIMALAYA: A song inspired by the mystery and beauty of the lofty peaks of the Himalayan mountains. LETTER TO A CHERISHED FRIEND: Write a letter to good friend and let the joy of the words flow from your heart. THE BRDIGE: A song with a decidedly oriental flair. Music can bridge the gap between cultures. All you have to do is listen. ANYA'S DANCE: Bradley volunteered when he first moved to Nashville at a no kill animal shelter in Franklin, TN. Anya was a dog that he fostered who had a broken hip. A family adopted her despite the bad hip and in no time her leg had healed and she dancing again. THE HERO: For all of the heroes of 9-11-2001 and for all of the everyday heroes that make this world a better place. PARIS AT NIGHT: A song inspired by the lights of Paris reflected in the river Seine on a beautiful summer's night. HOKULE'A: The Hokule'a is a replica of a traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe. It is sailed all over the world by individuals from all over Polynesia to educate other cultures about the lands of Polynesia and to inspire further voyaging - both physical and spiritual. RILEY'S DREAM: Franchesa wrote a poem for a friend's new baby and Bradley composed a song from it. "This is Riley's dream... running through the stream... Can you feel the wind, blowing through the trees?" DRIVING ACROSS MONTANA: A song inspired by the Big Sky Country of Montana. THE ROAD NOT TAKEN: In life there are many points where one can choose a number of paths to follow. This is song that explores the possibilities in a musical way. UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE: A song co-written by Franchesa based on the Shakespearean sonnet of the same name. INVITATION TO VOYAGE: Bradley came up with the idea for this song while on a trip out West with Franchesa. Inspired by the combination of reading Baudelaire's poetry while driving through the majestic landscapes of the American West. JOURNEY'S END: A song inspired by the thought that there is rest at the end of every journey, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.


Child's Prayer for the Earth

THE VOICE OF A CHILD: Every child has a voice. Listening to the wisdom and insight of children can help change the world for the better. DEEP BLUE: This song was written for young boy who lost an arm in a shark attack. He fought hard to get better but eventually died from his injuries in the hospital. SUNRISE: The glow of the beautiful sun fills the sky as we rise to greet each new morning. OCTOBER IN NEW YORK: For the families and friends of those lost on 9-11-2001. SHYLO'S SONG: Bradley's sister, Kaylee, had a dog who lost her life to cancer. This song was composed while Bradley was living in Hawaii and is dedicated to all of those special animals who enrich our lives every day. ELEGY: A song for loved ones we care for who have passed away suddenly. FATHER AND SON: Bradley wrote this song for his father and for all of the fathers and sons who have a special place in our hearts. ONE RED ROSE: Bradley wrote this song for Franchesa one day to cheer her up. Rather than give her a real rose, he presented her with this song, a metaphorical rose. When Bradley performs for little kids in schools, this is one of their favorites. They get to pretend to be "blooming flowers" as Bradley plays. THE BIRTH OF HOPE: Even when times are difficult, there is always Hope. The light of Hope will lead you out of the darkness. FIRST BREATH: Written for the newborn babies, for the first breath we all take when we are born into the world. FRANCHESA: Bradley wrote this song when he and Franchesa first became friends. Now that they are married, he talks about this simple song being like "the simplicity of true love." He ends most of his concerts with this song. IN GRANDMOTHER'S ARMS: Bradley and his young cousin wrote the melody for this song together. How nice it felt to be held in grandmother's arms... I LOVE YOU: Bradley wrote this song the night that he and Franchesa first told each other "I Love You." MOTHER: Bradley wrote this song for his mother, when he was 17 years old, shortly before she passed away from cancer. CHILD'S PRAYER FOR THE EARTH: This is a musical prayer for a happy and safe earth for all who live here. BELIEVE: You have the power to make your dreams come true. Live a full life, love yourself and others... and belive!