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Welcome to! Here you can listen to selections of my original music, find where I'll be appearing next, discover the inspirations behind my most popular songs or purchase CDs. You can sample a taste of my original music using the ReverbNation Jukebox below. If you're looking for my "Old Time Church Music", my Celtic Music, or my Christmas Music, please click on the appropriate tab on the left side of the page. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the music!


Reverie $10

Escape to a world of peace and tranquility with the newest offering of original music by Bradley Kirkpatrick. Combining the soft piano melodies that Bradley is known for with a warm, gentle string section on many of the tracks, "Reverie" is an album that will relax and inspire you to lose yourself in your happiest daydreams. (song list: 1) morning star 2) breaking dawn 3) wishing well 4) miracle 5) hold me close 6) reverie 7) reflection 8) passage 9) in your arms 10) mosaic 11) under the snow 12) redemption 13) ascension 14) the fountain 15) starlight)


Believe In Angels $10

A project dear to Bradley's heart, "Believe In Angels" is dedicated to all of Bradley's friends and fans who have supported his music over the years. Funded in part from donations made through, and with a number of very personal songs on the album co-written by his wife, Franchesa, this collection is filled with the kind of peaceful, relaxing piano music that has become Bradley's hallmark sound. (song list: 1) angel rays 2) finding peace 3) sweet spirit 4) here with you 5) looking beyond 6) the golden years 7) sweetness and light 8) watching over me 9) afterglow 10) peaceful meadow 11) the flood 12) texas sundown 13) halo 14) believe in angels 15) angelus(prayer at evening))


Butterfly $10

Inspired by Bradley's travels across Europe in the summer of 2008 (with songs written in Paris and Greece), "Butterfly" has a peaceful lightness about it that realizes the full potential of Bradley's soft, smooth style. A wonderful companion to "Rainbow" and "Blue Dreaming", this album is sure to set you dreaming of distant lands. (song list: 1) the perfect afternoon 2) how sweet it is 3) kefalonia 4) your smile 5) a new beginning 6) sweet goodnight 7) cocoon of dreams 8) into the world 9) karma 10) ghost 11) land of promise 12) a mother's blessing 13) once upon a moonlight kiss 14) place of refuge 15) butterfly (wings of light) 16) life with you)


Blue Dreaming $10

"Blue Dreaming" is an inspirational set of songs that invites the listener to dream and to put their worries behind them. Feel the depth of the ocean and the fresh air of the coastal forests. Lose yourself in music inspired by the mysteries of the sea. With songs written for "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin and Barbaro, this emotional album may be Bradley's best offering to date. (song list: 1) the pier at dawn 2) ocean's dream 3) colors of the past 4) footprints in the sand 5) heart of california 6) redwood coast 7) charlotte's grace 8) lazy river 9) barbaro's journey 10) dolphin dance 11) sailing into the sunset 12) world of wonder 13) taking flight 14) blue dreaming 15) to the sea)


Rainbow $10

"Rainbow" is about hope, the calm after the storm, the rainbow after the rain. Including songs inspired by the courage of those displaced by hurricane Katrina and the Southeast Asian tsunami of 2005, and songs written about friends who have battled illness, "Rainbow" is a powerful musical reflection on the strength of the human spirit. (song list: 1) love is forever 2) rising star 3) little one 4) resting on a cloud 5) gabriel's prayer 6) lost and found 7) katie's heart 8) letting go 9) taryn's wish 10) thinking of you 11) the rain in davies hollow 12) after the rain has come and gone 13) tears for the lost 14) rainbow 15) waving goodbye)


A Walk In Peace $10

"A Walk In Peace" has been one of Bradley's best selling album since its release in 2004. This is the album that many of Bradley's fans most associate with the words "healing piano music". Used in hospitals and schools across the country, and enjoyed in homes all over the world, "A Walk In Peace" will soothe your soul and warm your heart. (song list: 1) desert sunset 2) solitude 3) simplicity 4) meditation 5) candle flame 6) epiphany 7) back to my childhood 8) communion 9) breakthrough 10) clarity 11) dance 12) contentment 13) happily ever after 14) a walk in peace 15) the far shore)

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